Mat Classes

The body never lies. ~ Martha Graham

Green and brown coloring and plenty of natural light evokes nature as you practice yoga or move through another style of mat-based class.
Bask in the sunshine as you practice yoga or move through another style of mat-based class
Relax under the starry night during calm evening classes
Relax under the starry night during the calm evening classes

At Zen and Vitality with Zoa, all my movement classes are intentionally limited to between 4 and 6 people. I give every person in class individual attention as much as possible in a group setting. If you need more focus, instruction, or assistance than a group class offers please request a consultation or schedule a private session with Zoa.


Zen Flow Yoga

Gentle movements and time to assess your needs are the two guides for this class. Decompress your mind and your spine. Let your breath bring focus and release. Find your Zen.

Vitality Flow Yoga

Move with your breath, generate heat, build strength, move your joints through their full range of motion, and feel alive!


When my first and only yoga teacher took a pregnancy leave of absence, I was a non-swimmer, thrown out of the boat.  Two of the other students highly recommended Zoa, another former students of the same yoga teacher who had guided me through the initial phase of yoga practice. I started hopeful but not too sure what to expect.  After two months, I am excited and always looking forward to the next session. Zoa’s class features a wide variety of poses every week. With insight and empathy, she tailors the session to the needs of her students, always assuring them to make whatever adjustments they need.  Mind, body and spirit are always considered. She occasionally mentions one of her other classes that could offer additional help but never pushes or strongly encourages additional participation. Her kindness, perception and encouragement are a blessing to all.

~Mary Jane


Zen Through Fascia

Find your Zen both physically and mentally through a full body release of tension using a wide variety of props to stimulate your fascia system. No matter your reason for feeling poorly, this class improves your day and eases you into a good night’s sleep.

Vitality Through Fascia

Feel alive when you stimulate your senses, ramp up your energy, feel springy, and flow like water! We will tap, swing, bounce, dance, and tingle our way to feeling great!


I leave fascia class feeling taller and more fluid. My hips feel more open and walking is like walking on air.

Kimberly, ER Nurse


Barre for Zen

Standing Pilates focussing on alignment and balanced strength of the lower body. Inspired by Ballet positions and movements, we loosen fascia, build muscle, and always stretch! This class focussed on ankles and hips while we save our knees. A great class post foot/ankle/leg injury.

Barre for Vitality

Standing Pilates done with Ballet positions and movements and yoga stretching set to upbeat music with lots of laughing! These classes are babywearing friendly. Bring your baby and a carrier to join in the fun!


Vitality Mat Pilates

Just you, your body, & some cool, fun props. Life is easier when your core is strong and you are actively using it in your daily movements. Focus on posture, logical movement patterns, and body awareness as you get strong and balanced.

Shoulder Vitality

Head, Shoulders, Arms, and Abs! When these places feel good and are strong, you can do anything! Focussing on the needs of women, we will relieve discomfort, increase mobility, and ramp up our strength for the entire upper body.

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