Wellness is not complete without access to delicious, organically grown, nutritionally rich, locally produced food. I am delighted to begin to offer you easy access to the amazing local organic food resources we have so you can improve your wellness and support your local community. Food is medicine. Food is life. You are what you eat!

Pick up your order from Next Step Produce!

Next Step Produce is a hidden gem of Charles County. Their guiding principle is “Committed to Growing Nourishing Food in Harmony with Nature”. I have personally known the farmers Gabrielle and Heinz since my daughter was born. Since then, I have enjoyed their delicious vegetables, fruits, and grains and happily fed my family while supporting theirs. I have learned about food, friends, and so much more from them. The quality is unmatched by any farm locally.

Farmers Heinz and Gabrielle from Next Step Produce

Meet Heinz Thomet and Gabrielle LaJoie, your new vegetable farmers at Next Step Produce in Newburg. Gabrielle is from Canada while Heinz is from Switzerland; together they and their daughters make food magic from Maryland soil.

How do I order my veges, fruits, grains, and flours?

First, contact Next Step Produce to get on their “locals list” so you will receive the weekly email with online store access and can place your order (saying pickup here!). Of course you are welcome to go to the farm in Newburg, meet your new farmers, tour the farm, and pick up your food.

Second, if you are not already a Zen and Vitality Client, please fill out the Client Info Form

Now it is ordering time!

Twice a week you can place your order online and they will drop off your order here. Then you schedule your pickup time with me using Schedulicity. In the morning, they prepare your order and drop it off here so you can pick-up, drop your check or cash into their drop box, put a dollar in the basket to cover your $1 pickup fee, and then take your food home. It is as simple as that!

Missed Pickups: If there is a problem with your planned pickup arrangements, you must text me. It is important that you receive your food in the best possible condition. Missed pickups might be forfeit in order to uphold the quality of your food.