Zinc Throat Spray


Viral Immune Support for Throat

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The back of your throat does a lot to help you fight off viral infections. Your tonsils are an important part of your lymphatic and immune systems. This throat spray delivers bioavailable zinc right to the back of your throat where it is needed the most that the beginning of a respiratory viral infiltration to your body.

This fast acting spray uses zinc – the power mineral for fighting viral infections – partnered with quercetin and luteolin creating an “ionophore” – a cutting-edge way to help get zinc into cells – even when the virus is trying to block exactly that for its own nefarious purposes. Propolis helps balance the microbiome in the throat to support optimal immune function.

For preventative use, one spray daily should do the trick. When you are out in public and exposed to many new microbes of questionable nature, one spray every 1-2 hours is just fine.

Each bottle contains 150 sprays.


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