Zinc Lozenges – Enhanced


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Zinc as a respiratory illness prevention tool

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Zinc is crucial for your body’s immune system, digestion of protein and carbohydrates, skin health, hormone function, mental health, wound healing, growth and repair of your cells, and the use of insulin.

If you are not a frequent oyster eater or you get respiratory infections easily and frequently, these zinc lozenges may be perfect for you. When you are deficient in zinc, they taste pepperminty great! When you have enough zinc in your body, they will taste metallic and you might not like it.

Special Seasonal Usage: If you are being preventative against a nasty respiratory viral infection when you go out into the world, take one of these first even if it tastes yucky. Plan on sucking on the lozenge until it fully dissolves in order to get the zinc directly to the cells of your mouth, nose, and throat rather than getting processed by your stomach (because you got impatient and chewed it up).

Not Intended for Daily Use! • Special Use Seasonal Supplement containing zinc acetate that will release positive zinc ions for optimal use. Read from about these zinc lozenges from Life Extension.
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