Zeolite is a volcanic rock that when broken into teenie tiny pieces acts a terrific binder used when improving gut health and detoxification. Every binder has a specialty. Zeolite shines at using it negative electrical charge to capture the positively charged toxic byproducts of dying unfriendly gut microbiobes call LipoPolySaccharides (LPS). Nano sized zeolite, usually found in liquid form, has the ability to go through the gut lining into the bloodstream and work all over the body. This powdered zeolite has large enough pieces that they stay in the gut to do their work.

This powdered zeolite is from BioPure and is called ZeoBind. It is 100% natural and made from molten lava when it hits seawater to form solid rock.

This is a sample size. You will receive 4 teaspoons which will get you several uses depending on how much you take at a time.

How to Take: Powdered zeolite goes directly onto your tongue then you drink water to flush it down. You can mix in a glass of water and drink, but you invariably lose zeolite to the side of the glass which is wasteful. You can start with a small amount such as 1/4 teaspoon before a meal, before bed, or after certain gut-focused Rife Frequency sessions.