Vitamin E Topical Oil


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Topical Vitamin E

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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Vitamin E is great for your skin and also a great way to supplement while practicing self care! Vitamin E is important for your immune function because it stops the cascade of damage created  by oxidative stress. Instead of one cranky cell telling all its neighbors that life is over, the self destruct messages are not communicated and the neighbor cells are safe.

Apply this oil topically to any part of your body that you like. I suggest your feet prior to sleep, your neck and chest, and having a loved one apply oil to your back (clearly a massage would come with!).

Each bottle is 4 fluid ounces of a blend of Vitamin E Oil (Natural Mixed Tocopherols and Sunflower Oil) and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Minimum of 13,200 mg per oz. (46%) Mixed Tocopherols. Source: Starwest Botanicals


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