TrueDark Junk Light Blocking Glasses

Save your eyes and improve your sleep with these glasses

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Blue light is stimulating. Red light is calming. The sun gives us both at different times of the day to match our energy needs. Technology and modern lighting favors blue and many places are so bright! These non-natural lights create eye strain and a brain that gets tired (and cranky!) easily. The junk light disturbs our sleep pattern.

With a set of TrueDark glasses, you can:

  • look at your computer screen without getting a headache
  • prepare your eyes, brain, and hormones for the best sleep possible
  • raise your mental and physical energy

TrueDark glasses come in a selection of frame styles and a choice of clear, yellow, and amber glass that block gradually more junk and blue light as the lens color darkens. You can get a pair for specifically for daytime and a different pair for your night eye needs. They even come with lenses that transition for indoor/outdoor use and with prescription lenses!


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