Summer/Winter Metabolism Education Session

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Energy metabolism controls every thing we do as humans. Do you burn sugar/glucose or fats right now? How do you change which fuel you rely on? How often should your body shift between these energy sources and how do you encourage it?

When we are in a growth state, we put on muscle, put on fat, grow better brains, and more. When we are in a healing state, we digest our food, clean up our cells, repair damage, make use of the energy resources “onboard”, fight infections, and more. Ideally we spend time in both of these states every 24 hours but how is your time split between these two states?

If you have questions about these topics and want answers, join me for a Summer/Winter Metabolism Education Session. Bring your questions, your smile (on the inside!), and your experiences and together let’s get you further onto the healing path that you desire.

Next Session: Thursday November 7, 2024 • 6-7:15 pm EST