Senolytic Activator


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Goodbye Zombie Cells!

2 in stock (can be backordered)



As we age, our cells start to not work as well as they used to. To remain healthy, we need our cells to die at the right time and be recycled. When they do not die (the cell is then called senescent), the presence of these zombie cells encourages bad things to happen like disease. Life Extension’s Senolytic Activator® combines several compounds together for your ease to help manage senescent cell burden and promote systemic rejuvenation.

Senolytic Activator targets senescent cells for proper death through:

  • 275 mg black tea theaflavins (decaf)
  • 50 mg the plant-derived flavonoid apigenin
  • 25 mg quercitin in an ultra-absorbable forms using a phosopholipid sphere
  • 312 mg Bio-fisetin blend of fisetin and fenugreek seed fiber for optimal absorption

This supplement is designed to be taken only a once a week (science shows more often dosing does have the optimal effects). A dosage of 3 capsules on the day of the week of your choice and viola – goodbye zombie cells! One bottle contains 36 capsules – so 12 weeks worth – a 3 month supply.


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