Saliva Hormone Test


Saliva hormone test

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When starting or changing the use of supplemental sex hormones for cognitive and heart health, it is good to get some baseline testing done in order to understand your starting point. Testing options include both saliva and blood tests.

Saliva hormone tests include cortisol which is important because cortisol (a stress hormone) can block up the hormone receptors and prevent estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone from being used by the cell. A Saliva test gives us information on whether we need to address cortisol/stress management before we make big changes to your hormone levels.

Saliva testing is done through ZRT Labs. A standard test includes Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA-S, and Cortisol. You spit into the tube first thing in the morning – pre-coffee! You may choose to add day time cortisol measurements – a 4 point test – in addition to the standard morning sex hormone measurements.

I will request your test kit to be sent to you through Evexia – you will pay them directly for your test. The kit comes in the mail directly to you. You register your kit online, spit in the tube, fill out the form (take a pic before you send it back!), and mail it directly to the lab. Easy!

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