Personal EMR Protection – 4 Week Rental


Cancel out technology’s stress to your personal electrical system!



Wireless technology and our modern day machines create what I like to call electromagnetic smog – a cloud of electronic noise that affects the human body’s ability to properly function electrically. Some of us are more sensitive to this affect than others – just like some of us are more sensitive to things like smoke and chemicals in the air we breathe.

If you are electrically sensitive, this electromagnetic radiation protection device could be a godsend! It works using a similar concept to noise cancelling headphones – it cancels out the electromagnetic fields that cause damage to the human brain and nervous system so you are less stressed and feel calmer and more like You.

This rental is your chance to try out this Aires Tech device and see if it should be part of your stress-reducing wellness tools. If you like it and want one of your own, please use my Affiliate Link for Aires Tech.

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