Metals Blood Spot Test


quick home blood test for heavy metals

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Everyone is exposed daily to heavy metals. Everyone needs to excrete them in order to become and stay healthy. Depending on your workplace, home, school, medical interventions, geographic location, and so much more you might have a higher exposure or a lower exposure but in today’s world zero exposure to heavy metals is impossible.

This inexpensive blood test can give you a world of information to guide your health journey. All you have to do is a little finger prick and put a few drops of your blood onto the card and send it off to Quicksilver Scientific. Your results will include your current blood levels of the following nutritional/immune related minerals and heavy/toxic metals:

Nutritional: Copper, Zinc, and Selenium

Toxic: Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury

Your results are your own to share with whomever you please. They will inform your detoxification plan to improve your health. Future tests will show the great progress you have made!


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