Mega K2

K2 for encouraging bone growth

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2 in stock (can be backordered)

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Vitamin K2 is like the jam to Vitamin D’s peanut butter. You need them both to make healthy bones and teeth. If your diet is rich in Vitamin K1 sources (green leafy vegetables) but you need to focus on getting minerals into your bones, then this supplement might be the right one for you. This high potency source of the MK-4 version of Vitamin K2 will provide plenty of scientifically backed encouragement (45 mg worth) for your  body to grow new bone cells. MK-4 will help move the calcium and other minerals out of your blood and into your bones rather than your soft tissues (which makes your muscles tight and your joints less mobile).

This supplement contains 45 mg of MK-4 in a capsule, a daily dose for encouraging good bone mineral density. A bottle contains 30 capsules.

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