Malic Acid for Protein Digestion


Protein digestion support


Malic acid can help you better digest your protein sources. Malic acid is present in many foods (especially apples) but sometimes we need a boost in order to facilitate self-healing. Malic acid provides the hydrogen for the body to make stomach acid (HCl). When your stomach acid level is optimal, your stomach releases pepsin which helps with protein digestion.

An easy way to test if malic acid is right for you is to take home a sample size of 10 pills of Malic Acid from Earthborn Elements. Use one per meal which has a good amount of protein in it and see if your digestion improves and you feel better. After your test is over, see if your digestion regresses again. If so, consider eating an apple a day (to keep the doctor away) or getting more malic acid for your non-apple days!


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