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Inflammation is a buzz word in the wellness world. Inflammation is not always the bad guy. It is how you heal from a cut, get rid of a bacterial or viral infection, build muscle, and generally repair the body’s daily damage. Inflammation should rush to the scene of the crime, do its job, then fade away. Problems occur when there is no fade away and you are chronically inflamed.

Chronic inflammation is exhausting, uncomfortable, detrimental to your health, and sets you up for all kinds of health troubles. There is no single solution to your woes because there is likely a whole host of contributors to your currently inflamed state. Bodies are complex!

What you can do, is slowly remove your unique contributing factors to inflammation – but you have to know what they are!

If you have questions about these topics and want answers, join me for an Inflammation Education Session. Bring your questions, your smile (on the inside!), and your experiences and together let’s get you further onto the healing path that you desire.

Next Session: Thursday October 10, 2024 • 6:15-7:15 pm EDT