Hydrogen Water


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Stimulate Healing for your Cells

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H2 Elite tablets allow you to make your own hydrogen water on the spot for maximal absorption and detoxification of your cells. Why do you want hydrogen water? It is a great way to stimulate healing and detoxification to your cells in a way that encourages your body work better (rather than supplementing away your natural abilities).

Molecular hydrogen is selective in who it fights. It tackles the nastiest problems first. Hydrogen has no interest in harming the important oxidants that bring appropriate immune responses, provide signaling around the body, or stimulate healing.

The microbubbles that form in your glass need to be swallowed quickly in order to work their magic in your body. Once inside you, the bubbles of hydrogen travel through everywhere in the body: through cell membranes, mitochondrial membranes, and your blood brain barrier. Hydrogen protects your DNA from damage.

Drop 1 tablet into 8-16 oz of water (aim low as you should be drinking it all in less than 15 min). Wait for the effervescent tablet to dissolve into the cute little bubbles that will improve your health. Drink up!

Each bottle contains 30 tablets.


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