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Homeopathic mucus membrane healing

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4 in stock (can be backordered)

4 in stock (can be backordered)

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This homeopathic remedy (OPSONAT), made by the German company Pekana, promotes healing and restores internal mucus membranes  and connective tissue to working order. These drops are helpful for the nasal and sinus passages, gums and tongue, esophagus and intestinal walls, along with the mucus membrane linings of the uterus, vagina,and penis.

OPSONAT drops promote healing of focal infections in various organs and stimulate, regulate and clean the blood. This medication also enhances the immune system’s ability to eliminate pathogens, including those found in therapy-resistant mycotic infections. Once the terrain is cleared of toxic wastes, OPSONAT drops stimulate the body’s own systemic regulation, making true healing possible.

In addition, OPSONAT drops help detoxify the joints and are indicated for reoccurring chronic ulcerations. Most therapies with this medication should also include apo-HEPAT drops and TOXEX drops.

Receive a 100 mL bottle of drops. A wellness consult with Zoa is required upon pickup so we can set you up for healing success!


  • Acidum nitricum 4X – mucous membrane infections
  • Acidum sulfuricum 4X – mucosal inflammation
  • Gratiola officinalis 4X – gastritis, liver function
  • Hydrastis canadensis 4X – chronic inflammation, mucosal infections
  • Lachesis muta 7X – septic blood conditions, myocarditis
  • Lytta vesicatoria (Cantharis) 4X – inflammation, urinary conditions, skin eruptions
  • Bellis perennis 1X – injuries, strains, joint rheumatism
  • Glechoma hederacea MT – liver/spleen disease, stimulates metabolism