Homeopathic Exhaustion Support from Pekana


4 in stock (can be backordered)

Homeopathic remedy for mental and physical exhaustion

4 in stock (can be backordered)


This homeopathic remedy (NEU-regen), from German company Pekana, addresses the effects of mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. When your adrenal glands have slowed to the point of body and mind exhaustion, this is the remedy for you. This remedy is the opposite of Supren which is better if you have only reached the resistance stage of stress and adrenal dysfunction.

The fast pace of modern life places large demands on many individuals’ mental and physical performance. As a result, it is necessary to help the body overcome mental strain and emotional exhaustion. NEU-regen syrup helps restore proper organ function and energetically balance the performance of the body through gentle regulation. In contrast, drugs such as stimulants and sedatives place even greater demands upon an exhausted body.

Receive a 250 mL bottle of syrup (base of vinum liquorosum). A wellness consult with Zoa is required upon pickup so we can set you up for thyroid success!


  • Argentum nitricum 7X – mental exhaustion, fear of failure
  • Cinchona pubescens 4X – nervous weakness
  • Conium maculatum 4X – depression, fear of being alone
  • Delphinium staphysagria 6X – vegetative dystonia, irritability
  • Nux vomica 4X – psychological conditions, irritibility
  • Piper methysticu 8X – relaxes, improves the mood
  • Avena sativa MT – restlessness, exhaustion, sleep disorders
  • Panax ginseng (Ginseng) MT – mental and physical exhaustion


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