Homeopathic Pituitary Gland Support

Homepathic support for your hormones via encouraging a healthy pituitary gland

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CellTropin is a homepathatic remedy for your pituitary gland – the gland in your brain that tells the rest of your endocrine system to make all of your hormones. If you are dealing with chronic illness due to environmental toxins (mold, Lyme, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, mercury toxicity, etc.) this important healing remedy can help get your hormones back to normal. This remedy (and others) was developed by experienced Ear, Nose, Throat doctor Dr. Donald Dennis to help his patients heal from their mold-induced illness.

CellTropin is sprayed under the tongue for rapid absorption into your bloodstream. It is best used to promote healing within the brain and endocrine system once your detoxification actions are well underway.

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