Healing Amber Cleopatra Necklace


1 in stock (can be backordered)

Stress reduction and pain relief in a beautiful choker necklace!

1 in stock (can be backordered)


The healing power of amber shines in this Cleopatra style necklace. As the flat amber pieces of this necklace lie around your collarbone, they work their magic to reduce your stress, calm your brain, reduce inflammation, stabilize your heartbeat, improves your cell’s ability to make and use energy, and boost your immune system.

Amber is a well known tool for reducing pain from teething in young children. All around the world, strings of amber beads are worn as anklets then necklaces to help a child feel soothed from the inside out when in pain. Amber works is magic just as well for adults. Europeans from the Middle Ages knew of amber’s curative properties; they used it as an antibiotic and detoxifying agent.

Amber must be worn in direct contact with the skin in order to work. It warms from our body heat and emits a chemical known as succinic acid which is absorbed through the skin. Succinic acid is a chemical messenger used to communicate cell-to-cell. It carries the message that everything is “alright”.

This necklace traveled from Lithuania as it was created from honest to goodness Genuine Baltic Amber from the Baltic Sea area. It is a choker style 19.5 inches long so it lies at the base of your neck right by your collar bone – a perfect place for reducing stress from neck tension, a hurting heart, or a cranky brain!

If this style/color/size does not suit you, browse the selections at Baltic Essentials Amber Healing Jewelry using my personal link!


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