Guided Detox Cleanse


2 Months of Zoa’s help to detox yourself and your environment

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Join Zoa for a live group coaching experience focusing on detoxifying your body and your environment. You may participate in person, virtually, or a combination depending on your schedule. Recordings will be available for you to refer back to as needed. This is learning opportunity (isn’t everything with Zoa?) and an action plan with Zoa available to guide you towards success.

This Guided Detox Cleanse addresses:

  • Supporting your body’s own detox pathways
  • Stimulating your body’s organs that cleanse your blood and clean your cells
  • Removing things in your environment that add to your body’s detoxification workload

You will receive:

  • Weekly 15 min group support session where the week’s topic is introduced and your progress, problems, and questions are addressed
  • Weekly actions for that week’s focus area in your home or workplace
  • Pre and Post Personal Wellness Assessments

Spring 2022 Session: Begins April 4 and ends May 27 (yes you may join late)

Needed Supplies (you can provide your own or get them from Zoa):

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