Fasting Program for Women


Learn and improve your fasting for wellness and disease prevention



Fasting is a terrific wellness tool for women concerned about health, weight, energy, hormones, looking good, and anti-aging. Men have an easier time fasting so this program is just for women. Fasting is simply a fancy, scary-sounding word for choosing when you eat and what you eat to jumpstart your body’s natural abilities to self-heal and use what I affectionately call “the fat on the land”. There are many ways to fast and we will discuss them all as we explore which types work for you and which ones are saved for special occasions.

Women can fast anytime they are not pregnant or hoping and trying to be. Growing a baby is already a beneficial stressor on a woman’s body – its not good to add fasting to that mix! Post menopause is the easiest time to incorporate fasting into your wellness lifestyle!

This self-guided program informs you how to add fasting into your Wellness Lifestyle. We will be using Keto-pH™ urine test strips to check the alkalinity of your body and your ketones (indicating you are burning fat). Other than that – expect your food bill to go down and your body’s engine to rev to the perfect level for optimal wellness! Questions can be submitted and you can view all past answers!

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