This product from Thorne provides 1 of the 4 important chemicals required for proper digestion: the digestive enzymes created by the pancreas. Digestive juices and digestive enzymes decrease with age, stress, illness, gallbladder removal, etc.

Pancreatin provides all 3 digestive enzymes:

  • Lipase for fat digestion and fat soluble vitamin absorption (including Omega-3 and CoQ10)
  • Amylase for carbohydrate digestion
  • Protease for protein digestion

One bottle contains 180 pills. Swallow the pills, do not remove the powder and take free as it is likely to irritate your throat. Take 1-2 pills mid meal or within 30 min of the end of the meal. Start with 1 and add as needed. If your belly gets warm, too much! If you eat a larger meal, you need more!