Raw Juice – Dandelion Malt


Mmmmm Iron!



Dandelion greens contain 21% rdv of iron intake which promotes healthy red blood cells. Chicoric & chlorogenic are compounds found in dandelion greens that assist with reducing blood sugar levels by secreting insulin in the pancreas while increasing glucose in muscle tissue. Cashew milk with an Iron rdv of 10% also contains rich amounts of potassium & magnesium which have shown positive results of reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Molasses contains an rdv of 20% Iron. Plus magnesium & potassium to boost bone strength.

These juices are made just for you by Chef Terrance Murphy at Meallenial-Living. He delivers tuesday evenings and you pickup (by appointment!) soon after. Juices have optimal nutrition for 5 days.


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