Raw Juice – Carrot Grapefruit Broc


Get your C and Calcium!



The anchor of the Juice Si Vitamin C boost cleanse adds copious amounts of vitamin K & calcium which both promote bone strength from broccoli. Its also highly concentrated with antioxidants which do a range of things from reducing oxidative stress thus slowing down aging of cell’s(sulforaphane) to other compounds(zeaxanthin, lutein)which reduce oxidative stress & cellular damage to the eyes. The pink Grapefruit juice enhances this beverage with the addition of lycopene. This carotenoid antioxidant has shown positive results of preventing testicular cancer.

These juices are made just for you by Chef Terrance Murphy at Meallenial-Living. He delivers tuesday evenings and you pickup (by appointment!) soon after. Juices have optimal nutrition for 5 days.


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