Broccoli Sprouts – Monthly Subscription

Cancer fighting, detox encouraging superfood!

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Full Description

Broccoli sprouts are a powerhouse of nutrients ideal for detoxing the body and preventing cancer. Full of sulphoraphane, they active enzymes that are responsible for removing disease causing compounds from your body. They are helpful if you are concerned about your heart, bones, brain, or breathing.

Broccoli sprouts must be chewed or mechanically broken down in order to fully activate their nutritive qualities. Slight heating (70 degrees Celsius for no more than 10 min) might enhance the sulphoraphane production but more than that will decrease it below the raw level.

Your subscription entitles you to 1 pint size jar of sprouts each week available on Saturdays. They should have a single set of seed leaves and be greened up from sun exposure. If you need more than that for the week, please request multiple subscriptions. If you have not picked up your sprouts by the time I go home tuesday, I will eat them 🙂

Sprouts take over a week to grow from dry seed, so short notice on sprouts is impossible!