Habits. We all have them. Some help us. Some hinder us. They can be a challenge to change. They can be a pleasure to add! This month, join us to Try New Things and see which way cool wellness activity you want to make a new habit for you. You win just by focussing on your wellness!

The Goal: Make new wellness habits that you keep!

The Challenge: 25 things to try in 29 days. You can do it! Tips and Info will be shared via email, Facebook, and Instagram. Invite your friends and family to join you! Decide which new wellness activities you want to make into a new habit!

To enter: use for form below! You will receive an email with your entry card to fill out throughout the month. Everyone participating will have their name entered to win a Vitality Perk (besides feeling great!) – one entry for each Wellness Activity completed on your entry card. Turn your cards in via email or drop into the mail slot in the studio door. The drawing will be held on September 30. If you are selected, you may choose your Perk: 3 10 minute Joovv Light Therapy Sessions, 3 zoom mat classes, or a Private First Session so you can try something else new! Everyone wins because you focussed on your wellness in a new way!

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