In today’s busy world, most of us spend a lot of time working and rushing around but not enough time recovering. Sleep is your brain’s chance to recover from the day, detoxify, and prepare for the new day. Sleep is also your body’s chance to tune up your immune system, metabolism, heart, lungs, and much more! Chronic insufficient sleep affects every tissue in your body, your ability to create memories, your mood, and your risk of developing disease. Your continued vitality requires sleep just as it does food and water. Let’s get enough!

The Goal: Adjust your sleep habits and get 7-8 hours of sleep daily

The Challenge: I provide tips and learning opportunities about sleep. You help yourself by making lifestyle changes to increase your Vitality and add to your Wellness. Tips and Info will be shared via email, Facebook, and Instagram. Invite your friends and family to join you!

To enter: use for form below! You will receive an email with a link to your entry so you can update it daily until the end of the month. Everyone participating will have their name entered to win a Vitality Perk (besides feeling great!). The drawing will be held on February 1. If you are selected, you may choose your Perk: a 30 minute Infrared Sauna Session, 2 mat classes (for you and a friend?), or a First Session so you can try something new! Everyone wins because you got more sleep (I hope)!


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