Our own body is the best health system we have–if we know how to listen to it. ~ Christiane Northrup

Step onto the mini-trampoline and gentle bounce your way to a strong heart, toned pelvic floor, lower inflammation levels, and a healthy lymphatic system! You don’t need lift-off to gain benefits. Rebounding can be gentle and healing or can challenge and tone your body.

Gentle Health Bounce

To get started, keep both feet on the trampoline and perhaps your hands on the walls for comfort then just gently bend your knees and ankles or lift and lower your heels to get a little movement. This is enough to stimulate your lymph flow to detoxify your body. Your pelvic floor will get a little push/pull from the bouncing which gently encourages strength and flexibility which are both needed. The gentle repeated pressure on your bones supports increasing bone density and strength in the entire body. Your core muscles will wake up and work better during and after bouncing. Start with 2 minutes and work up to perhaps 10 minutes a session. When you engage in the Gentle Health Bounce, there is no impact to your joints or spine since your feet never leave the trampoline!

This could be you! See how her feet stay grounded and she even cues to slightly engage your pelvic floor and your internal corset.

Cardio Bounce

Even 5 minutes of continuous jumping (lift-off is 1-2 inches!) on the mini-trampoline gets your heart going, brings heat to the extremities, and wakes you up (better than coffee!). 10 minutes can be quite a cardio workout especially if cardio is your least favorite type of exercise. Gentler on your body than running, you can jog in place on the trampoline if you choose. Some folks are inclined to squat, use hand weights, and do other fitness things on their trampolines. Engaging in the cardio bounce requires just you going gently up and down. Be sure to not eat too close to your bounce time!

Pre-Sauna Bounce

If detoxifying is one of your goals, a 5-10 minute Rebounder session prior to laying in the Infrared Sauna will boost the effectiveness of that detox session. The stimulation to your lymphatic system from the bouncing kickstarts your lymphatic system – your body’s trash removal system. Adding heat next continues to increase the effectiveness of your lymph system’s ability to remove waste products from your cells.


The JumpSport trampoline has curved legs for added stability. The weight rating is 250 lbs; to bounce properly the tension must match your weight so there is no single mini-trampoline which works for a 100 lbs person and a 300 lbs person!

If you have spinal disk or neck issues, vertigo, cardiorespiratory issues, epilepsy, osteoporosis, unstable/injured joints, gastric reflux, or prolapse you should consult your doctor to receive approval to use the Rebounder.

You are not permitted to use the Rebounder if you are pregnant, dealing with a prolapse (bladder, uterus, or rectum), have a detached retina, Atlantoaxial instability (associated with Down’s Syndrome), Achondroplasia or other skeletal dysplasia, spinal rods, or brittle bones.

How to Use

The Rebounder is located in the Wellness Space which is reservable for 15 minute sessions. During the same session you may use the Fascia Releazer, the Luminir Wand, and the other small wellness tools.

If you are centered, you can move freely. ~ Morihei Ueshiba

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