Super K Elite


Vitamin K for your heart, bones, and everything in between!

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Super K Elite has 5 forms of Vitamin K that each have their way to shine for your wellness.

  • K1 – found in leafy green vegetables and known to facilitate blood clotting (deficiency leads to bruising) and lower inflammation
  • K2 (MK4) – absorbs easily by the brain, eyes, kidneys, pancreas, and so many more places – particularly good at stabilizing your bone density
  • K2 (MK-7) to support flexible arteries and support calcium movement through the blood vessels, organs, and bones – this form lives a few days so the body stores it even at a low dose
  • K2 (MK-6 and MK-9) – new forms with longer “tails” that support cardiovascular and bone health

Bottle contains 30 servings – 1 serving is 1 softgel


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