Stress Relief Package


3 tools to reduce your stress!

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Self care is more important now than ever. This package reduces your stress level in 4 different ways:

1) Aromatherapy: Serenity® is a blend of essential oils from doTERRA designed to encourage restful sleep. I will prepare a roller bottle for you to apply this restful mix directly to the bottom of your feet as part of your bedtime ritual.

2) Sensory Reduction: A handmade soft eye pillow can help you tune out the world, rest the eyes, and calm the mind. It encourages you to withdraw from the stressful world and focus on your internal peace.

3) Crystal Therapy: Selenite is a crystal well known for protecting you from outside influences. It brings light where there is darkness within. I find mine very helpful over these last few weeks. Simply hold it in your (dry) hands. Rest it on your chest. Tuck it in your bra. Be creative.


Best paired with a 3 Month Personalized Meditation audio package!

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