Homeopathic Parasite Support from Pekana


Homeopathic intestinal parasite support

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This homeopathic remedy (HELMIN), from German company Pekana helps to change your gut’s internal terrain such that parasites (like worms) no longer find you a good home. Whether you picked up a parasite from unsanitary water, a food born source, international travel, or other creative avenue, HELMIN supports the restoration of your intestinal health.

Receive a 50 mL bottle. A wellness consult with Zoa is required upon pickup so we can set you up for peeing success!


  • Allium cepa 6X – stomach & colon inflammation
  • Artemisia abrotanum 8X – colon worms
  • Artemisia cina 12X – intestinal worms
  • Cuprum oxydatum nigrum 12X – antispastic
  • Okoubaca aubrevillei 4X – digestive disturbances
  • Schoenocaulon officinale (Sabadilla) 6X – stomach-intestinal irritation
  • Spigelia anthelmia 4X – eliminates worms


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