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Fresh organic cold pressed juices and wellness shots ordered monthly!

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Join our group order to split a box of organic, cold pressed vege juices and wellness shots from Farmers Juice! These beverages are:

  • keto-friendly and blood sugar friendly – very low sugar by design
  • small farmer friendly (using the “ugly” produce which is harder to sell to stores and customers)
  • compost-friendly (their plant remnants after juicing feed cattle then get returned to the Earth)
  • long lasting with an incredible shelf life of 30 days with awesome nutrient retention due to their super chill technology
  • easy on the wallet and your time

Your flavor choices focus on greens with wonderful additions and some non-green flavors as well. Juices are 12 ounces of vegetable goodness. The wellness shots are 2 ounces containing the “yummy and spicy” parts of your favorite juices. Talk to Zoa about flavors and a taste test before ordering! Ordered monthly at the beginning of the month.

Juice Share:

Small/Medium/Large • 4/6/9 juice bottles per month

Flavors • Peaceful Greens, Focus Greens, Digestive Greens, Green Athlete, Performance Greens, Golden Beet Fuel, Orange Immunity, and Earthy Nutrition

Wellness Shots:

Small/Medium/Large Share • 2/4/6 shots per month

Flavors  • Ginger Immunity, Gut Feeling Good, Focus Fuel, Up-Beet Immunity

Choose your flavors using this link

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Juice Share Size

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Wellness Shot Share Size

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