Echinacea Root

Make your own echinacea root tincture for winter immune support

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An echinacea plant makes beautiful purple flowers, pointed leaves, and enough roots to share with those who value herbal medicine. Echinacea root has been used through the years to support healthy immune responses within the first 5 days of exposure/illness. Echinacea boosts your innate immune system to help you avoid illness. Ideal ways to take echinacea is through a tincture that is so simple to make – you can do it!

All you will need is this echinacea root, some plain drinkable alcohol (vodka, rum, or grain alcohol for the purist), a jar, about 5 minutes, and then you wait for 6-8 weeks. If this is new to you, request the instructions to go with your roots!

This organic echinacea root comes from Starwest. Be sure to plant some echinacea in your garden or yard – it is ornamental and medicinal!

Your choice of a sample size (1 oz) or 4 ounces.