Diet is an important part of your wellness lifestyle and boy is it hard to change! Let me help you through this process and keep you inspired to maintain a diet that works for your body and mind. I will provide you with a 1 week meal plan including the recipes and shopping list. Your meal plan will :

  • be appropriate for however many people will be eating what you eat
  • include the foods you should be eating in order to make the changes you are seeking
  • provide you with the vitamin and mineral content for each recipes
  • take into consideration your cooking abilities and time
  • give you a shopping list so all your ingredients are covered
  • either encourage or discourage leftovers depending on your preference

Meal plans are delivered electronically to you via PDF files that can be printed or viewed on your screen. Be prepared for questions about your preferences and needs!

First Meal Plan: Setting up the personalized nature of your meal plans takes time! You receive two (2) 15 min consultations and an online diet assessment in addition to your meal plan info. One consult is to be scheduled to help us prepare your meal plan. The other consult is scheduled to be after delivery to discuss your implementation. Your First Meal Plan will be delivered in chunks to ensure your satisfaction.

Additional Meal Plans: Assuming nothing changes in your requirements from your First Meal Plan, getting more is easy!