You can augment your Doctor/insurance based orders for bloodwork with supplemental orders to give you additional wellness information. You would take both set or orders (from your doctor and from me/Evexia) to the same LabCorp blood draw appointment and have the technician draw blood for everything at once. It does not work to make two separate trips! Bloodwork is a snapshot in time otherwise the interpretation is questionable!

If you are interested in this option, we need to work out the details of the orders together after you receive your copy of the doctor ordered/insurance covered test orders. That way we can fill in the blanks of what you need.

There is a charge to me for offering this service ($25) and the charge for the additional blood markers (to be determined and paid directly to Evexia!).

I suggest you request a functional blood analysis to accompany all these blood tests! At least plan on a 25 min Wellness Consult in order to get your questions answered once the results come back.