This product from Thorne provides 3 of the 4 important chemicals required for proper digestion: stomach acid (HCl), pepsin for protein digestion, and the digestive enzymes created by the pancreas. You are in charge of the bile! Digestive juices and digestive enzymes decrease with age, stress, illness, gallbladder removal, etc.

Stomach acid is needed for several tasks:

  • kill pathogens in your food prior to digested food entering the small intestine and your blood stream
  • acidify the churned up food to enable mineral and vitamin absorption in the small intestine

Pancreatin provides all 3 digestive enzymes:

  • Lipase for fat digestion and fat soluble vitamin absorption (including Omega-3 and CoQ10)
  • Amylase for carbohydrate digestion
  • Protease for protein digestion

Thorne’s Betaine HCl and pepsin comes from porcine sources. If you are taking stomach acid reducing medications or dealing with a peptic ulcer, this is not a product for you.

One bottle contains 180 pills. Swallow the pills, do not remove the powder and take free as it is likely to irritate your throat. Take 1-2 pills mid meal or within 30 min of the end of the meal. Start with 1 and add as needed. If your belly gets warm, too much! If you eat a larger meal, you need more!