Organic Local Flowers

Wellness comes in all forms. I present to you an easy beautiful way to support your mental, emotional, and environmental wellness all in one feel swoop. Flowers!

Beautiful flowers from Red Tree Farmstead

A mini bouquet from Red Tree Farmstead made from gorgeous, fresh, local, organic, flowers can be yours for only $5! Different choices every week and nurtured in harmony with the planet, these flowers will delight your senses and bring a smile to your face – even in these crazy times. As they support your appreciation of the beauty the natural world offers and your good mood, you can support the farming endeavors of this local family. Farmers Becky and Mark, their daughter, and their array of dogs, cats, and laying hens tend the earth, their family, and yours with over 18 years of farming experience. Welcome them into your community and share in the joy of flowers!

Farmer Becky and Zoa
Farmer Becky and Zoa when they conceived of this crazy idea!

Pickup is at Zen and Vitality with Zoa after the flowers are delivered every other Wednesday – time TBD by you when your make your pickup appointment. Mini bouquets are arranged by Zoa and Maia or by you! Bring a container/wet wrap for the flower stems so they can travel to your home in the best condition possible. Perhaps a wet cloth and a nice tall cup which sits in your cup holder!

2020 Red Tree Farmstead Delivery Dates (Subject to change):

  1. April 8
  2. April 22 
  3. May 6
  4. May 20
  5. June 17
  6. July 1
  7. July 15
  8. August 5
  9. August 26
  10. September 9
  11. September 23
  12. October 7
  13. October 21
  14. November 11
  15. November 25 
Location 6620 Crain Hwy, Suite 202 • La Plat, MD 20646 Phone 301-392-3723 E-mail Hours Open 7 days a week for your convenience • Different hours each day of the week
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