Sassafras tree at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Image used under the Creative Commons License

Congratulations! Your answers to my Longevity Tree Quiz earned you a rating of Sassafras Tree! Your wellness lifestyle is like a bent wheel. It rolls when it has to but its not optimal. Let’s explore together how you can live a longer healthier life starting today!

Level Up Your Wellness

Private Movement Reset Session

A private movement class can shine a light on places to improve and kickstart you in a new direction to benefit your body’s strength and mobility. Schedule yours in person or virtual today!

Raw Vege Juices

Boost your diet’s vitamin and mineral content by adding fresh, raw, organic juices once a week or more! (available to Charles County, Maryland residents). Each week choose from Chef Terrance’s 4 standard flavors and a few seasons ones too!

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna sessions might become your new best friend! Relaxing to the mind, stimulating to your heart, restorative for your joints and muscles, and no work needed! Schedule your session in Charles County or use my link to purchase your own for home!

Free New Client Consultation

I took an educated guess as to which of the many wellness services offered here at Zen and Vitality might be the best next step for someone such as yourself – a Sassafras tree. However, since every tree (and person) is different, you may need more choices! I welcome your feedback as you explore the offerings using the links below and the menu above. I totally understand if you can not decide which service is right for you. Let’s talk and bring clarity out of the chaos!

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