Redbud tree in bloom

Congratulations! Your answers to my Longevity Tree Quiz gave you Redbud status! It seems that you enjoy living right now more than the prospect of living well for a long time. Let’s combine add some longevity practices to your lifestyle so you can bump up your personal wellness.

Tips to Enjoy Life and Add Wellness

Add Movement

Zoa in yoga pose: Side Lying Crescent Moon with Bolster

Movement is medicine. Human bodies are designed to move! Let’s get you moving more regularly. Whether you don’t like exercise or have a body challenge that makes exercise hard to accomplish, Zoa can help you bring movement into your lifestyle – both from home and in the studio.

Eat Healthy Food

Great Whole Foods Nutrition

Eat healthy food. There is no substitute. Don’t know how? Or what about your diet could use a change? Schedule a Nutrition Consultation (virtual or in person) and get some help eating for wellness and enjoyment!

Start Meditating

Rock cairn encourages a meditative mindset

Meditation bring joy to life. It fixes a lot when your meditation time becomes a habit. You receive a mental reset when the day has gone to hell in a handbasket. Meditation makes you a kinder sweeter person. Your mental focus rises and you get more work done in a shorter time. Try it and you will see.

Free New Client Consultation

I took an educated guess as to which of the many wellness services offered here at Zen and Vitality might be the best next step for someone such as yourself – a Redbud tree. However, since every tree (and person) is different, you may need more choices! I welcome your feedback as you explore the offerings using the links below and the menu above. I totally understand if you can not decide which service is right for you. Let’s talk and bring clarity out of the chaos!

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