Persimmon Tree sharing its fuit
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Congratulations! Your answers to my Longevity Tree Quiz earned you the status of a Persimmon Tree! For a fruit tree, you are long lasting and appreciated by those that know you well. Feeding the world takes a lot of out of you! Let’s work on how to replenish your energy and increase both your wellness and your longevity.

Wellness Tools That Help You Live Longer


Rock cairn encourages a meditative mindset

Meditation reduces stress, help you get a great sleep at night, and brings you energy and focus to your day. Don’t know how to meditate? No problem. Just listen to Zoa’s relaxing voice and you will discover the benefits for yourself!

Gut Microbiome

Kombucha - fermented goodness for a healthy gut microbiome

Your second (2nd) brain is in your gut and there should be millions of beneficial bacteria in there! What’s the best way to make sure you digest well, think clearly, and feel great? Fermented foods! Try Chef Terrance’s tea or tea/fruit based kombucha and your body will thank you!

Mood Balancer

Look at the Red Lights for eye and mental health

If you are feeling always low on energy, try a Joovv Red Light Therapy session. Not only will you get great looking skin and a constant even mood, you will be able to make more energy evey day. You can schedule a session at Zen and Vitality if you are local or use my link to purchase one for your own home!

Free New Client Consultation

I took an educated guess as to which of the many wellness services offered here at Zen and Vitality might be the best next step for someone such as yourself – a Persimmon tree. However, since every tree (and person) is different, you may need more choices! I welcome your feedback as you explore the offerings using the links below and the menu above. I totally understand if you can not decide which service is right for you. Let’s talk and bring clarity out of the chaos!

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