Ginkgo Biloba tree known for its longevity

Congratulations! Your answers to my Longevity Tree Quiz earned you a rating of the oldest tree known – A Gingko Biloba! Your wellness lifestyle is pretty good already which is great. Let’s look at new to you things that you might be able to add to your lifestyle to raise your longevity even higher.

Advance your Longevity Through Wellness

Fascial Movement Class

Fascia binds the human body together and holds emotional and physical stress.

I’ll bet you have never taken a class exactly like Zoa’s Zen Through Fascia class. Feel young, move easily, and be happy!

Wellness Nutrition Consultation

Great Whole Foods Nutrition

Schedule a virtual or in person wellness oriented Nutrition Consult with Zoa and let your nutrition take you to the next level of wellness.

Red Light Therapy

Joovv Red Light Therapy

Joovv Red Light Therapy does wonders for the number of mitochondria you have and their health. Energy forever! You can schedule a session with me if you are local or use my link to purchase one for your own home!

Free New Client Consultation

I took an educated guess as to which of the many wellness services offered here at Zen and Vitality might be the best next step for someone such as yourself – a Gingko Biloba tree. However, since every tree (and person) is different, you may need more choices! I welcome your feedback as you explore the offerings using the links below and the menu above. I totally understand if you can not decide which service is right for you. Let’s talk and bring clarity out of the chaos!

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