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Since you are an electrical being (ask your nerves all about it!), it makes sense to me (a physicist) that the electromagnetic nature of your home will affect the operation of your body. We are exposed to electromagnetic fields every day (I hope!) in the form of sunshine. Our body’s are designed to harness the various types of radiation from the sun in order to maintain our optimal health. However, too much sunshine at the wrong time of day and you get a sunburn which is damaging. Modern technology is different though. If harmful chemicals and foods are worth keeping out of your body, the same should apply to harmful electromagnetic fields created by our fabulous modern technology. You want your technology to help you not hurt you!

I could not work, play, or otherwise enjoy life in today’s modern world without my devices and internet. Without them, life is more challenging than it used to be. However, just like food companies do not always have your optimal health in mind when they are looking to make a buck, technology companies do not always have your optimal health in mind when they create products that use electromagnetic (EM) power.

silhouette photography of steel tower
Cell phone towers flood the area nearby with EM radiation – Photo by Vanderlei Longo on Pexels.com

All technology that uses batteries or plugs in work via EM fields. Your phone, laptop, electric car, TV, home alarm system that WiFi’s to your phone, your remote controlled programmable thermostat, even your refrigerator sometimes – they all use EM power. That means that they also emit EM fields into your home and body. The question is – are they harmful? My answer is yes – and the more compromised your body is, the more harmful they can be to you without you realizing it. Don’t worry, you can be proactive!

Get Great EM Exposure Via the Sun and Earth

I suggest you make it a goal to get out in the sunshine and fresh air daily. Expose your eyes and skin to whatever amount of sun is there (cloudy days count). You will sleep better if you get 10 min of direct sunlight (no window) into your eyes within the first hour of your day. Your skin is designed to make Vitamin D using the cholesterol just under your skin when exposed to the UV light of mid-day sunshine. Watching the reddening sky at sunset prepares your brain to make the right amount of melatonin to help you have restorative sleep and feel great the next day.

Make every day sunny by feeling fabulous because of your wellness practices. Zen and Vitality can help you!

At the same time, you can grab some electrons from Mother Earth to help your body reduce its oxidative stress from harmful EM field exposure and so much more! All you have to do is connect your body electrically to the Earth – called Grounding.

Minimize Potentially Harmful EM Exposures

Since we both know you are going to use your devices, how can you minimize your exposure. One way is keep them farther away but that does not always work. Yes, you can put your laptop on a table not your lap. Yes, you can sometimes use your cell phone on speaker rather than putting it up to your ear. In the future, I hope you can choose devices whose designers made sure that the emitted EM fields from the device are shown to be beneficial to the human body.

person using macbook
Guys – keep your laptop off your lap! Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Change EM Fields for the Better

In the meantime, technology exists to shift the EM fields in the air from harmful to beneficial for you. There are a variety of companies out there with claims. I prefer the companies that have scientific studies showing the effectiveness of their technology on the human body. I want to see that my brain is healthy and happy all the time – no matter what I am doing at the time.

I am grateful to have found Aires Tech Lifetune products to protect myself, my daughter, and my home in general. When you click through my affiliate link to the Aires Tech website, begin by watching the video of the brain scans or people using their phones with and without the magic of an Aires Tech protector nearby.

Personal EMR Protection from Aires Tech

How I Use Aires Tech EMR Protectors

I first discovered Aires Tech in my quest to reduce stress of all kinds for my daughter during her recover from chronic mold illness. Mold is particularly sensitive to EM fields; mold feels attacked by the EM fields and fights back – against you! Thanks to my daughter, I got instantaneous feedback on the effectiveness of the Aires Tech products.

  • Lifetune Zone – My daughter keeps the personal size protector in her room near her bed. It helps her sleep and relax. When she uses her computer, she moves it to her computer desk because it reduces her agitation, frustration, and anxiousness to be done.
  • Lifetune Zone Max – My house has a set of computer servers that now have a room size protector sitting on their heads. This is located near the center of the house, near the stairs to bedrooms, and less 10 feet from my head when I sleep. Sleep is much better now!
  • Lifetune One – I attached a device protector to my Otterbox phone case. It is on the hard shell under the soft shell so I can not accidentally damage the Aires Tech protector as my phone does travel! I feel much calmer having the phone nearby – I am less on edge that it might beep (even if it is on silent mode). Since I keep my cell phone on and nearby when I sleep, I feel like I get double the protection (device and room) for my important brain!

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