Music tames beasts. Music sets the mood. Music stimulates the mind. Music calms the spirit. Music reminds us of the past. Music inspires the future. Music is life. Music is an integral part of some of Zoa’s movement classes. Hearing a “class song” outside of class has been known to automatically shift your mind and energy in a positive way. Enjoy these playlists!

Yoga Playlists
This yoga playlist encourages you to move with the music and your breath as you calm down.
This relaxing playlist can be used for a floor based practice or more!
This yoga playlist gives me energy and a smile during my practice.
This yoga playlist is all “yoga” music – no english words to distract your practice and a great combination of rhythms and feels.

Barre Playlists
This Barre playlist was created by one of my musically-oriented clients, Bill. Thanks Bill!
My first Barre playlist!