Environmental Wellness

Air Quality

Air quality is crucial to feeling good in our bodies and the operation of our brains. The indoor air quality of our homes is under our direct control. Outdoor air quality has many complicated factors and is difficult for us to impact except when we work together for the goal of clean, breathable air. If you live with an existing breathing challenge, air quality directly impacts what you can do on a day-by-day basis. As a public service to the La Plata, Maryland community, Zen and Vitality has now installed (as of 12/10/20) and maintains a Purple Air outdoor air quality sensor. The information is publicly available and updated in real time. Check the outdoor air quality before you exercise outside or whenever you need!

Outdoor Air Quality in La Plata, MD

Real time outdoor air quality monitoring in La Plata, MD with a Purple Air Outdoor Sensor.

What’s the air quality outside right now? See for yourself what the Outdoor Air Quality Monitor in La Plata, Maryland is reading.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor Rental

Coming Soon – Rental of an Indoor Air Quality monitor also from Purple Air!

Still in the testing stage, you can see the current Indoor Air Quality Monitor in La Plata, Maryland at the Zen and Vitality Fortress.

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