Emotional Wellness

A healthy emotional life offers plentiful smiles, high-fives, and laughter to go with the tears, disappointment, and anger that are a normal part of being human. Sometimes we find ourselves out of balance and in need of help getting back to center. Whether you are dealing with a stressful job, a family illness or death, seasonal depression, or are just feeling blue, Zen and Vitality provides tools for you to address your own emotional wellness.

Flowers Bring Smiles

A person’s mood can shift towards positive simply from seeing, holding, and smelling a beautiful flower. When that flower was grown sustainably by a local farming family, it is easy to feel like you received an extra special gift from the Universe. During the growing season, gorgeous flowers from Red Tree Farmstead grace the lobby and can go home with you as your mood dictated. Sometimes a single stem is enough, other times you will want to gather a tiny bouquet of 4-5 flowers to grace your home. If your home is not flower friendly, you are welcome to simply enjoy the bouquet when you come and address your wellness for the day.


Aromatherapy offers a direct path for strong plant medicine to go straight to the brain without passing Go! (or the bloodstream) first. The brain receives essential oils and almost immediately your mood, emotions, and mental processing changes. A little bit goes a long way since the plant medicine present in essential oils is so intense.

Rosemary helps memory. Lavender brings calm to the nervous system. Jasmine encourages sexual arousal. Welcome to the world of plant medicine!


Meditation offers a reset of the brain. A rebalancing of priorities. A release of stress. Meditation allows your subconscious to bubble up into your conscious mind. It assists with emotional release. First we have to feel the intense emotions, swim in them, immerse ourselves. Only after that, can we get out of the pool and dry off and begin again. Meditation offers space, time, and encouragement to begin and stick with emotional healing.

Fascial Movement Class

Your fascial system holds your mental, emotional, and physical stress. It binds you together and facilitates movement. Your fascia has a memory for past injury. Your internal senses depend on your fascia system. Unneeded tension in your fascia system creates pain, limits movement, and inhibits emotional balance. Fascial movement classes change all that. You will shift from in pain to happy. You will move more freely and think more clearly. You will find evenness in the body and in life.

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you. ~ Roger Ebert

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