Daily Wellness for Lifestyle Disease Prevention

Updated 10/8/23; Originally posted 6/6/21

Why Choose a Wellness Lifestyle?

Lifestyle choices are heavily tied to the top five reasons Americans die: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and aging. You can actively prevent or delay these conditions through your daily choices about how you live your life. Do you want to:

  • feel great every day
  • avoid needing a doctor
  • take charge of your own health and wellness
  • live in harmony with yourself, nature, and the Earth?

I know I do and I think you do to!

Zoa Conner aging gracefully through yoga, pilates, healthy nutrition, and other wellness lifestyle choices
Zoa Conner, PhD feeling great and healthier at 50 than she was at 30!

Aging and Disease Start with Your Cells

Your body is made up of tens of trillions of cells. Cells live and die on their own timescale depending on where in the body they reside. Daily life make our cells work hard. Some of us make our cells work harder than others!

Our bodies start aging in our mid twenties. Aging happens on a cellular level and grows from there to organs and whole body systems. The aging process can be slow and gentle when wellness becomes a high priority to your daily life.

All disease can be traced back to unhelpful inflammation and trouble on the cellular level. Sometimes multiple troubles! Take care of your cells by giving them what they need when they need it and by removing things that will harm them – every day!

Feel Better Not Older

There are so many ways you can proactively choose wellness over disease: the food you eat, purposeful movement of your entire body, the pattern and quality of your sleep, environmental and personal toxin exposure, beneficial light exposure, stress management, laughter, and more! When you shift your thinking towards daily wellness, your new lifestyle will both slow aging’s downward spiral and prevent chronic disease. How do you know if you have made the right changes? Do you feel better most of the time? Then keep going!

25 Disease Preventing Lifestyle Tips

Disease happens when an imbalance in the body and mind has gone on for so long that the body can no longer do what it is designed to do. Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s are all diseases that involve an important body system or an organ no longer working well. In order to work towards self-healing, your body and mind have stopped using the damaged body part. These killing diseases highly correlate to your personal wellness practices or lack thereof. The good news is that you can take steps today to reduce your risk (by improving your health) and do your best to avoid these diseases.

Old Couple walking barefoot on the beach
Enjoy walking barefoot on the beach while holding hands with a loved one at any age!

Which wellness lifestyle changes are most beneficial? Since that depends on the whole picture of your lifestyle and current health status, I offer you here 25 suggestions that work for most people. I would love to meet with you for a Free New Client Wellness Consult to create a more personalized list just for you and your unique situation.

  1. Get more physical activity throughout the day
  2. Stop eating sugar
  3. Pause to breathe with intention
  4. Eat or drink more vegetables
  5. Make time for self reflection
  6. Drink less alcohol
  7. Improve the quality of your sleep
  8. Measure your Vitamin D level
  9. Spend more time with your feet directly on the Earth
  10. Drink more water with minerals
  11. Get sunshine on your skin and eyes
  12. Stop eating fast food
  13. Experience heat and cold more often
  14. Smile and mean it
  15. Exercise on purpose several times a week
  16. Give more hugs
  17. Stop eating charred, fried, and grilled foods
  18. Check your iron and magnesium levels
  19. Make time for joyful sex
  20. Take an epsom salts foot bath
  21. Ditch the toxic chemicals used to clean your house
  22. Avoid eating for 12+ hours a day
  23. Nurture both yourself and your relationships
  24. Get closer to an ideal weight for your body
  25. Focus on gut health to boost your brain

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Health

It’s not always easy, but huge shifts in your health and wellness are achievable, if you put the time and work in to get there – and if you have the right guidance, tools and support. At Zen and Vitality, you gain tools to boost any and all lifestyle elements that will benefit your overall health and wellness. Body, mind, and spirit are all addressed to provide a holistic approach to your personal well-being.

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