Current Studio Operating Status

Open for Business!

All services are available by Appointment.

All Wellness services and Movement sessions are open for business!

Local Organic Farm Product Pickups

Organic vegetables, grains, raw juices, and flower pickups happen weekly with an easy contact-free pickup and online ordering. Get more info on your options.

Infrared Sauna, Joovv Light Therapy, Meditation Cave, and Wellness Space

Private reservations are currently available for immune boosting sessions in the Infrared Sauna, stress relieving sessions in the Meditation Cave, inflammation reducing sessions with the Joovv Light Therapy panels, and cellular healing/lymphatic stimulation in the Wellness Space.

Movement Classes Have Options!

In Person Classes

Private and Duet (2 person) sessions are available for scheduling in the studio or outside. Zoa can match you to a duet partner or you can bring your own! Most group classes have 2-3 spaces in studio and the option to take class virtually. All movement modalities are available – Pilates Equipment, yoga, barre, mat Pilates, and fascial movement.

Live Virtual Classes


Yoga classes are audio only so that you can focus on what you are doing, how your body and mind are connecting, and how your body feels. I don’t want you to be worrying about what you look like, what I might be doing, or even worse – trying to look at the screen to follow along. Almost everyone finds that this format works splendidly and makes them feel like they are in the studio with me beside them. To take these classes, you need a floor and your body. There might be things helpful to you but are not required: blocks, a pillow for the head, a blanket.


Mat Pilates and Faux Equipment Pilates classes use video and audio so that I can see and sometimes hear you, you can hear me and my corrections/suggestions, and usually there is no need to look at me 🙂 To take Mat classes, you just need a floor, possibly a pillow for the head, possible a flex band ot a towel to act as resistance, possibly a rolled up towel or a soft ball for inner thighs to participate in your core activation. To take Faux Equipment classes, there is a set of props that we use. You might have some of them, the others you can rent or purchase from me. Ask!

Fascial Movement

Fascial Movement classes are audio only so that you can focus on what you are doing and how your body feels. The mind is an important part of these classes so I want you focussing on you not on me. To take these classes, you need a floor and your body. There is a prop package available for rent or purchase which maximizes the class experience, but it is not required.


Barre uses video and audio for both of us – there’s music, my talking, my movement to follow, and I can see enough of you to give you some corrections.

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